Acquisition of Property by Harris County Hospital District - Adoptd 12-2-03

Adoption of Furniture Standards

Animal Control Fee Schedule-Sept. 2007

Animal Regulations

Appraisals and Acquisition of Property Order - Adopted 2-4-03

Ban on Smoking - Adopted 12-17-91

Building Regulations for HCFCD - Adopted 5-10-05

Building Regulations_2012

Building Security - Adopted 1-15-91

Canine Retirement Policy - Adopted 1-27-04

Code of Ethics for Commissioners Court - Adopted 6-23-09

Commissioners Court-Rules of Procedure

Driveway Regulations

Election Watch Judges

Fire Code

Fire Investigation Rules - Adopted 1-13-04

Floodplain Management Regulations

Game Room Regulations

General and Special Laws

Graffiti Removal by a County - Adopted 9-15-09

Guidelines for Participation in Municipal Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones - Adopted 4-29-03

Harris County Fire Code - Adopted 9-14-04

Harris County Investment Policy - Adopted 12-16-03

Harris County Records Retention Schedule - Adopted March 2010

Construction in Harris County or Flood Control District Rights of Way Regulations

Infrastructure (Subdivision) Regulations

Juvenile Curfew 2010

Juvenile Curfew Comm Order - Adopted 9-14-10

Juvenile Curfew Order - Adopted 9-11-07

Juvenile Curfew August 23, 2016

Licensing of Junkyards, Automotive Wrecking and Salvage Yards

Location of Communications Facility Structures

Metal Recycling Regulations

Military Use of Toll Road System - Adopted 10-21-03

Nuisance Abatement Procedures

On-site Sewerage Facilities - Adopted 7-5-88

Order Adopting Building Regulations for HC and HCFCD  3-8-11

Order Adopting Harris County Water Safety Rules and Regulations 7-1-76

Policy for Control of Travel and Conference Expense - Adopted 3-18-03

Policy Granting Harris County Purchasing to Approve Certain Change Orders - Adopted 5-11-04

Quo Warranto Proceedings

Recommendation to Adopt a Fire Code - 4-22-03

Records Retention Local Schedule

Regulations 1-10-12

Regulations of On-Premise Signs

Resolution Prohibiting Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

Revised Harris County Animal Regulations - Adopted 4-15-03

Revised Park Regulations - Adopted 9-23-03

Revisions to Harris County Animal Laws - 10-1-07

Revisions to Sections 3, 4 and 5 of Harris County Animal Regulations - Adopted 1-13-04

Road Law

Rules and Procedures for the Harris County Purchasing Agent - Adopted 8-9-94

Rules and Regulations in Subdivisions

Rules of Conduct and Decorum at Meetings - Adopted 4-1-03


Rules Permitting Harris County to Refuse Entry into Contract with Person Indebted - Adopted 3-30-04

Rules Regulating Food Establishments in Unincorporated Areas of Harris County 11-23-11

Sexually Oriented Businesses

Stock Law (June 1930)

Storm Water Quality Regulations

Toll Road Sign Regulations

Traffic Fatality Markers Policy - Adopted 12-10-91

Vacation Leave Allowance Policy for County Employees - Adopted 10-7-03, effective 1-1-04

Water Well Regulations

Wrecker Regulations