About the Office

The Harris County Attorney is the civil lawyer for Harris County and many other governmental agencies.

The Harris County Attorney:

  • Uses civil enforcement to protect neighborhoods, clean up the environment, and shut down illegal enterprises;

  • Protects children and the elderly through our representation of state and county agencies;

  • Defends Harris County when lawsuits are filed against it;

  • Pursues claims and collects revenue when the County is owed money;

  • Advises elected officials and prepares contracts for Harris County.

The Harris County Attorney's Office represents the County, its departments, elected and appointed officials, and employees in all civil matters that involve county business. Our Office also represents the Harris County Hospital District, the Harris County Flood Control District, the Harris County Appraisal Review Board, and the Greater 911 Emergency Network, which are separate legal entities.

Our Office represents the State of Texas in mental health commitments and children's protective services cases. We assist Harris County in administration of the guardianship program, which cares for elderly and disabled individuals who are unable to care for themselves.