County Attorney Vince Ryan Files Suit Against Night Club

September 5, 2014

Contact: Robert Soard
First Assistant County Attorney


County Attorney Vince Ryan Files Suit Against Night Club

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has filed a lawsuit against the owner and landlord of an after-hours night club that is creating a nuisance by serving alcohol without a permit and harboring criminal activity.

The suit was filed against Ernesto Gonzalez Dominguez, owner of the Acapulco Night Club at 10632 FM 1960 West, and J PAL Properties, Inc., owner of the land where the club is located, as well as against the property itself.

“Harris County law enforcement has been called to the Acapulco Night Club more than 120 times over the past two years,” Ryan said. “The list of offenses committed at this location is long. We cannot permit this business to continue endangering the community.”

Aggravated assaults, sexual assaults and drug activity are just a few examples of the habitual criminal activity prevalent at the after-hours night club. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that Acapulco Night Club has violated Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission rules by selling alcohol after hours, without a permit, to underage patrons.

The County Attorney’s Office is seeking both a temporary and permanent injunction to force the defendants to take measures to stop the illegal activities and post a bond of up to $10,000 to ensure they do this. If the injunction or the conditions of the bond are violated, the defendants could be fined, sent to jail, and the place where the nuisance exists may be closed for one year. Violation of the injunction would also allow the court to order a government to revoke the business’s certificate of occupancy, stop utility service and prohibit the use of public streets to access the place.

The petition filed by the County Attorney is available at

YouTube has a video of an altercation at the club earlier this year: