County Attorney Vince Ryan takes stand against dangerous after-hours club

January 21, 2015
Contact: Robert Soard
First Assistant County Attorney

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan filed legal action on Tuesday to stop a notorious Houston after-hours club from continuing to pose a threat to the people of Harris County.

Club Eclipse, also known as Club Night, 2628 FM 1960 Rd. W., has become a haven for violent crime, including parking lot brawls, aggravated robberies, stabbings and shootings.

“The assaults, robberies, fights and the presence of gang members threatens the residents and businesses in the area around Club Eclipse,” Ryan said. “Law enforcement responded to 55 calls for service in the last year alone. This must stop.”

Ryan filed suit before against Victoria Gonzalez Zarate and Miguel Zarate, the owners of Club Eclipse. They were previously sued in December 2012 when they owned the Club La Cave located at 4714 FM 1960 Rd. W. According to the prior legal action, La Cave was the scene of habitual, violent criminal activity, including a murder, rampant gang activity, drug crimes and illegal alcohol sales. That suit ended when Club La Cave was evicted from that location.

Also a defendant in the Club Eclipse lawsuit is Sunlight Group, the owner of the strip shopping center where the club is located.

Crimes reported at Club Eclipse include:

  • A club patron was shot and left to die on the sidewalk outside the club following a fight inside.

  • A club patron ran over a security guard and then backed his vehicle into the front door and windows of the bingo hall next door.

  • Two patrons were robbed at gunpoint as they approached the club and then were denied entrance by security when the suspect ran into the club.

  • A patron was shot when a large crowd was exiting the club following a fight inside.

Club Eclipse’s reputation went viral when in early December 2014 a large fight broke out inside the club and spilled into the parking lot just as the sun was coming up. The fight was captured on cell phone video and posted to a Facebook page called “Strippers and Fights.” During the fight, at least one person was stabbed in the head and arm and shots were fired.

 In addition, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission confirmed that alcohol is being served at Club Eclipse after hours and without a permit. The Harris County Fire Marshal has found multiple fire and safety hazards, including locked exit doors, no fire detection system and no fire extinguishers. And one of the owners also admitted that the club does not have a set occupancy permit nor a permit to operate.

You can view the petition here. The viral video of the fight is available here.