Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Tarrant County bill ‘gives a hall pass to polluters,’ critics say

By Anna M. Tinsley

Harris County attorneys settled a lawsuit last year geared toward compelling companies tied to the San Jacinto waste pits — polluted with dioxins, which are known to cause cancer — to clean up the contamination.

The $29.2 million settlement was against three companies, including Waste Management subsidiary McGinnis Industrial Maintenance Corp.

Regulators determined that the pits were dug around 1965 to contain industrial waste from a nearby paper mill. Toxic waste seeped through barriers and into the river. In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency took over the area, which was designated a Superfund site.

Young said children who live nearby have died from eye tumors and have been born with eye cancer. Her father has a rare form of cancer, and she has had countless medical problems.

“My father may never walk me down the aisle … and I may never have kids,” she said. “Because companies dumped in our environment.”

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