Harris County Attorney Ryan Sues two Northwest Houston Game Rooms in One Center; One Game Room Tied to Organized Crime

     Harris County Vince Ryan has filed a lawsuit against the owners of two Northwest Houston game rooms and the owners of the strip center where they operate. The lawsuit, filed on Friday, November 4, seeks to bring the game rooms into compliance with the law and alleges the retail center’s owners have not done enough to protect customers.

     The County is suing the Karaoke Green Grass Game Room and Lucky Charm Game Room, both located at 9480 Long Point, for violations of the Harris County Game Room Regulations and for being public nuisances.

     The Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office conducted a long-term investigation of the Green Grass game room which is owned and operated by Shannol Horne, Chang Choi, Seong Choi, and Sook Young Yoo. Officers determined that illegal gambling was taking place inside this game room and executed search warrants at the game room and Choi’s residence. HPD discovered almost $2 million dollars in cash at the two locations. Three defendants have been charged with organized crime.

     Yolanda Al-Magableh owns the Lucky Charm Game Room at the same location. After months of investigation, HPD officers determined that the operators of Lucky Charm, Diana Hernandez-Rodriguez and Alma Aguilar, were giving illegal payouts in violation of County regulations.  All three are defendants in the County’s lawsuit.

     The two game rooms have racked up a total of 1,894 violations of the County game room regulations which could result in up to $10,000 per violation in civil penalties.

     The County is also suing Tom Linh Vo and Van Tui Hoang, owners of the strip center at 9480 Long Point, for not taking adequate steps to prevent crime on the property.

     According to County Attorney Ryan, unregulated game rooms are often targets for criminals creating serious safety issues for customers and employees.  An aggravated robbery occurred at the Green Grass Game Room in June, where Choi and customers were held at gunpoint.

     Harris County Attorney’s Office has been working with the Spring Branch Management District since 2011 to improve area neighborhoods by focusing on property where habitual criminal activity is occurring.

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