County Attorney Wins Court Order Against Dangerous After-Hours Clubs

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has won another victory in his battle against dangerous clubs with a court order against two Southwest Houston after-hours clubs.

 The agreed temporary injunction against the Mekano and D’Kache Clubs, located next to each other at 9336 and 9344 Richmond, requires owner Cesar Augusto Casco to adhere to state liquor laws in these businesses.  If he fails to do so, the injunction requires the strip center where the clubs are located to find him in default of his rental agreement.

 County Attorney Ryan says these locations are a known problem spot for Houston Police. 

 According to the lawsuit filed by County Attorney Ryan’s Office on behalf of the State of Texas, Mekano is anightclub that opens late in the evening for the “after hours” crowd, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and stays open until after the sun comes up. Alcohol is sold and consumed there but the club does not have a TABC permit. The lawsuit reports that two aggravated assaults, one robbery, and one sexual assault occurred at the club between April and October of 2015.

 Large crowds frequent this strip center late night to early morning.  HPD has arrested the bartender at Mekano twice over the last year for illegally selling and serving alcohol after hours.

 Surveillance video at D’Kache recorded a gun battle outside the club early on the morning of December 5, 2015, with several men firing multiple shots into the parking lot at the retail center.  No arrests were made and no injuries reported.

 “Shots fired into a retail center parking lot endanger the lives of everyone around there,” said County Attorney Ryan.  “These businesses that flaunt the law must be stopped.”

 The shooting surveillance video can be seen at

The Temporary Injunction can be viewed at