Slaughterhouse ordered to follow law, pay $20,000 penalty

The County Attorney’s Office, the State and Irfan Sheikh, owner of Texas Farm Fresh Halal Meat, have filed an Agreed Final Judgment ending a civil environmental enforcement lawsuit regarding the operation of a slaughterhouse in violation of the Texas Water Code, the Solid Waste Disposal Act and Harris County Stormwater Regulations.

 The business is located at 13221 Old Richmond Road.  The case was referred to the office of Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan for enforcement in response to investigations conducted by the Harris County Pollution Control Services Department following reports that bloody water was being discharged from the slaughterhouse into a roadside ditch. In addition to finding a clogged and overburdened septic sewer system, investigators also found rotting animal parts on the ground and in improperly-refrigerated containers.

 The settlement requires the Defendant to pay $20,000 in civil penalties to Harris County and the State of Texas, plus attorneys’ fees and court costs.  The judgment also requires the slaughterhouse to prevent all future discharges of polluted water by improving the property’s sewage system and sanitation practices.

 "The enforcement of environmental laws at the local level is essential to the protection of the health of the residents of our County,” County Attorney Ryan said. “This settlement is a good example of how a local government can accomplish this in a fair and consistent manner with minimal expense to the tax payers."

 The Agreed Judgment was signed last week and can be viewed at

Source: SlaughterhouseFined