Kush crackdown in Harris County

CW 39 

HOUSTON, TX -  Harris County and the Attorney General of Texas are doubling down on their vow to stamp out synthetic marijuana.

Shops, like Katz Boutique which a Harris County investigation busted last week, allegedly sell kush like this, obviously aimed at kids. Even going so far as to putting Doctor Mario on one brand. Bet Nintendo didn’t license that!!

The county wants to hit `em where it hurts, not just criminal charges, but civil penalties. Rosemarie Donnelly, Assistant Attorney General, explained it’s, “…up to $20,000 per transaction. So 3,000 packets… it’s a lot of money.”

And thanks to new legislation in Texas effective September 1, kush makers won't be able to get away with easily selling the stuff.

Before, manufacturers could simply change one compound in their ingredients, and it would wiggle out of being technically illegal. This new law takes care of all that.

What’s really scary is that kids think this is safer than marijuana. District Attorney Devon Anderson said, “This is not what you want to look for if you’re trying to skirt the marijuana laws, and get high. This is just way too dangerous to play with.”

And those legal loopholes manufactures are jumping through are as good as sewn shut.