Repeat election contestant sanctioned

A state district judge signed an order on July 25 awarding $52,350 in expenses, costs, and attorneys fees against a plaintiff who had filed two separate election contests against the Harris County Clerk's Office. At the hearing on the County's motion to dismiss, the plaintiff stormed out of the courtroom and accused the judge of treason.

Demetria Smith first filed a lawsuit in November 2015 claiming that the County Clerk had tampered with the election results in the Houston mayoral race because Channel 13 allegedly reported results different from those on the official Clerk's website. That case ended with the judge finding there was no evidence of election or voting fraud and dismissed the case after a two-day long hearing. In March 2016, Smith filed a second lawsuit again claiming election fraud in her race for Texas House of Representative for District 149. 

The judge ordered that Ms. Smith cannot file any further affirmative pleadings in the case until she pays the sanctions owed. The case is Smith v. Harris County Democratic Party, et. al. Click here to view the order granting sanctions. Assistant County Attorneys Laura Hedge and Douglas Ray led the trial team.