Sheshtawy v. Harris County

    U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Hoyt has ordered the lawyers and plaintiffs to pay attorneys fees to Harris County as sanctions for the Plaintiff’s repeated filing of frivolous motions including a Motion for New Trial  presenting “groundless arguments”.  The Plaintiffs originally sued Harris County probate judges, a court coordinator, opposing litigants, opposing counsel, and others claiming that County and its officials conspired to cheat the plaintiffs out of property due them from certain probate and trust estates.  The Court dismissed the lawsuit in October, 2016 calling the plaintiffs’ claims “pure zanyism.” The Court ruled there were no pleadings showing when, how and by whose acts or authority the Harris County Probate Court became an “association” as defined by RICO.

    On December 14, 2016 the judge ordered plaintiffs and their attorneys to pay $10,000 as sanctions resulting from their filing a “frivolous” motion for new trial; $6,750 to be paid by the lawyers and $3,250 to be paid by the individual plaintiffs. The Courtalso conditionally awarded $105,000 to the various defendants to be paid in the event the plaintiffs appeal the sanctions order.

    Laura Hedge was the lead attorney representing the Harris County defendants.  The case is Sheshtawy v Conservative Club of Houston. Click here to view the order of dismiss and here to view the Order Granting Sanctions.