County Attorney Vince Ryan obtains asset freeze after federal drug raid against smoke shop owners selling kush

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan won a restraining order and asset freeze against the owners of two smoke shops and their supplier to stop the sale of synthetic marijuana, an illegal drug known on the streets as “kush.” .The lawsuit stemmed from a lengthy investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Harris County Constable Precinct 4, Conroe Police Department, and Houston Police Department to target the distributors of synthetic marijuana.

The restraining order prohibits the owners of Discount Smoke & Gift Shop at 11106 Veterans Memorial and Mr. Smoke & Gift Shop at 2946 Gears Road from selling kush and other illegal substances.  Narcotics officers executed a federal search warrant and retrieved large quantities of kush, as well as hashish, ecstasy, marijuana, hydrocodone, and other controlled substances, which were hidden throughout the stores. 

Synthetic marijuana, also called “Kush,” is a designer drug, typically manufactured overseas, that is marketed as a “safe” and “legal” alternative to marijuana. It is often marketed as harmless “potpourri” or “incense.”  Synthetic marijuana is not marijuana at all but a dried leafy substance that is sprayed with powerful, added-in hallucinogenic chemicals that are dangerous and highly addictive to the user.  It is often marketed to children, and is the second most abused drug by high school students, after marijuana itself.  It is also illegal in Texas

Judge Randy Wilson, presiding judge of the 157th Judicial District Court of Harris County, also ordered the store owners to engage two uniformed law enforcement officers for security at the stores and close by 10 p.m.  At final trial, the County Attorney will seek a permanent injunction to close the store locations for one year.  The judge also ordered that the owners’ and their supplier’s bank accounts be immediately frozen.

Click here to read the lawsuit and here to read the restraining order.