Harris county attorney shuts down Alief smoke shop accused of selling Kush

By Click2Houston.com Staff

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan is taking steps to shut down a store that was believed to be illegally selling synthetic marijuana.

Ryan obtained a restraining order Wednesday against the owners of the Smoke & Tote Shop at 12127 Bissonnett Street.

They were told to cease operations. Investigators said the store was participating in criminal activity. Ryan also ordered the Lock Lim Management Trust, the owner of the shopping center in which the store is located, to take steps to close the store immediately.

Investigations by the Houston Police Department between October 2016 and February 2017 resulted in arrests for possessing and selling synthetic cannabinoids at the Smoke Shop and the seizure of over 280 grams of Kush.

Weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun and a revolver, were also recovered from the store, police said.

Neighboring business owners complained to police over the last five months about drug-related activity at the shop, including individuals suffering the effects of Kush wandering the parking lot and scaring employees and customers.

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