County Attorney Vince Ryan Wins Order to Cleanup Unlicensed Salvage Yard

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has obtained a court order to require the cleanup of an unlicensed automotive salvage yard that has been damaging the environment by allowing automotive fluids to contaminate the ground and water near the business.

District Court Judge Caroline Baker ordered Aloysius Ikwuezunma on October 26 to cease operating an automotive wrecking and salvage yard at 5607 Charrin Drive in north Harris County until he obtains a license from Harris County.

“This unlicensed business was not only operating in a residential community, it was also polluting the area,” County Attorney Ryan said.  “This court order will protect the salvage yard’s neighbors and the county at large.”

The lawsuit seeks a complete cleanup and remediation of the property.

The County Attorney filed suit after inspectors from Harris County Pollution Control, Constables and the County Engineering Department reported that the defendant had been operating an unlicensed auto salvage yard, discarding waste in a county right of way and allowing automotive fluids to contaminate the ground and water nearby. During one investigation inspectors found a county road filled with wrecked vehicles and automotive parts, allowing automotive fluids to leak into the drainage ditch. The property also lacks storm water and floodplain permits required by the county.

Under the County’s Salvage Yard Ordinance, a license may not be issued for a salvage yard located within 600 feet of a residence.

A trial on the case has been scheduled for January 21, 2019.

Click here to read the lawsuit and here to read the temporary injunction.