How to prevent cyber thieves

   With the holiday season upon us and technology immersing itself more and more into our daily activities, people need to be aware of the dreadful cyber thieves. Identity thieves have always been around, but with technology growing and becoming a convenience in people’s lives, cyber thieves are taking full advantage. According to Property Causality 360’s “4 ways to avoid giving your data to cyber thieves this holiday season” there are some tips that you should follow before hitting that ‘place order’ button this holiday season.

·         Avoid phishing: The first tip that Property Causality 360 talks about is avoiding phishing. When you receive emails, be aware of where they are coming from.  Even if the emails are from stores that you typically shop at, you should navigate to their specific website yourself rather than from the email.

·         Beware of card skimming: Daily activities where you use your credit/debit card need to have more precaution during the holiday season. “Thieves can attach a tiny strip of film to a card reader and download the information located inside the card’s magnetic strip to create a duplicate card,” cautions Harman.

·         Take care while traveling: During the holiday season, there is without a doubt more traveling taking place. Property Causality 360 pointed out that boarding passes and electronic hotel keys contain very personal information. So before you toss out your plane ticket as soon as you get off the plane, take it home and shred it. Same goes for keeping your personal belongings in a safe place while traveling. You need to be aware of pickpockets.

·         Watch your credit accounts: The final tip from PC360 is to monitor your accounts. “Some credit card companies, automobile associations and other membership organizations offer credit-monitoring services as a member benefit.” If your company doesn’t offer this, remember to monitor yourself.

   The last thing you want to happen during the holiday season is to be a victim to cyber thieves. But following these 4 tips from Property Causality 360, you can be proactive and minimize the chance.