New robocall rules let FCC crack down on texts and overseas callers

The Federal Communications Commission voted  on new rules to go after illegal robocallers based overseas. But it's unlikely to be the final death knell for the scourge of robocalls. Instead it's yet another tool in the toolbox to deter the onslaught of calls, the agency said.

The FCC says it received more than 35,000 consumer complaints about caller ID spoofing in the first half of this year alone. And it doesn't look like things are letting up anytime soon.

The new rules won't stop anyone from making these illegal calls. Instead, they're meant to expand the FCC's authority to go after bad actors. Specifically, the new rules are aimed at closing loopholes in the regulations that prevented the agency from going after offenders based outside the US or scammers who text messages to defraud people. 

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