Volkswagen Scandal Reaches All the Way to the Top, Lawsuits Say

Three attorneys general on Tuesday directly challenged Volkswagen’s defense over its emissions deception, calling the decision to thwart pollution tests an orchestrated fraud that lasted more than a decade, involved dozens of engineers and managers and reached deep into the company’s boardroom.

The accusations, leveled in lawsuits by New York, Massachusetts and Maryland, contradict Volkswagen’s portrayal of the deception, representing a new threat to the carmaker’s finances, reputation and management. For the first time, the suits connected Volkswagen’s chief executive, Matthias Müller, to the scandal, saying he was aware of a 2006 decision to not outfit Audi vehicles with equipment needed to meet American clean-air standards.

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Lawsuits: VW employees tried to cover up emissions cheating

New York, Massachusetts and Maryland are suing Volkswagen and its affiliates Audi and Porsche over diesel emissions cheating, accusing the German automakers of defrauding customers, misleading regulators and then seeking to cover up the deception.

The lawsuits, announced Tuesday, allege that numerous employees and executives at Volkswagen knew that diesel vehicles had been equipped with software allowing them to cheat emissions testing, and that after regulators began investigating several employees tried to cover it up by eliminating data about the software.

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Texas, Harris County launch $100M suit against Volkswagen over ‘emissions scandal’

Harris County and the state of Texas have brought a $100 million environmental suit against Volkswagen, alleging the auto manufacture installed software to fool emissions testing of its clean diesel vehicles. 

The state, acting on behalf of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as a necessary and indispensable party, and the county, which encompasses the city of Houston, filed the suit against Volkswagen Group of America and Audi of America on Sept. 29 in Harris County District Court. 

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Texas County Is First Government Agency to Sue VW for Environmental Harm

Harris County filed the lawsuit against the car manufacturer claiming that emissions from 6,000 diesel cars circulating on roadways in the region have caused harm to the population and environment of the region. This may be the first lawsuit filed by a government entity against the car company since management admitted to falsifying emissions numbers of certain cars released since 2009.

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Mithoff to Represent Harris County in Emissions Suit Against Volkswagen

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, whose office is also working on the suit, said Harris County may be the first government entity to file an emissions suit against Volkswagen since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Sept. 18 issued a notice of violation against Volkswagen. The EPA alleges that "defeat devices" in Volkswagen diesel vehicles would bypass parts of the vehicle emission control systems intended to comply with emission standards.

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