Mithoff to Represent Harris County in Emissions Suit Against Volkswagen

By Brenda Sapino Jeffreys, Texas Lawyer

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, whose office is also working on the suit, said Harris County may be the first government entity to file an emissions suit against Volkswagen since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Sept. 18 issued a notice of violation against Volkswagen. The EPA alleges that "defeat devices" in Volkswagen diesel vehicles would bypass parts of the vehicle emission control systems intended to comply with emission standards.


In a petition filed in the 234th District Court in Harris County, Harris County alleges Volkswagen, collectively for Volkswagen and Audi, violated Texas environmental laws in Harris County when it sold vehicles with "fraudulently manipulated vehicle emissions control devices in an effort to circumvent emissions testing requirements."

"Volkswagen's deceptive acts have undermined Harris County's efforts to improve air quality, reach attainment status, and protect our citizens," the county alleges in Harris County v. Volkswagen Group of America Inc.

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